The primary things you need to know about the production process of tablet packaging

Contemporary designers can make your pharmaceutical packaging special and individual. Design offices carry out distinctive projects for brands who want to differentiate their product as well through packaging.

It is doable to realize such a project so that the medicine packaging of your product will be not only remarkable but also functional.


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Thermoplastics, most of all polypropylene, polyethylene and PET, are the employed substances in the producing of tablet packaging. Thanks to advanced device manufacturing it is possible to create new packaging designs in a brief time. Producers employ common and hot-channel forms with microprocessor controlled temperature. Only top-quality pidments from reputable companies are applied, and solely from certified suppliers. There is also accessible medicine packaging with compatible closures and dispensing mechanisms. All packagings are offered in antiseptic, ready-to-fill form. Additionally to a vast range of standard products, a personalized project tailored to your individual demand can be invented. The offer also includes coloring the pharmaceutical packaging by employing printing systems: hot-stamping, but also screen or tampon printing. For these procedure the most innovative printing machines and finest tint are employed. By making your product ( stand out from others, it will be easy to see and recognize it. An independent assistance is the labeling of ordered packagings.

With custom-made and labeling services, you will personalize your product and get ready-to-use tablet packaging that is ready to be used directly on your assembly line. At all levels of manufacturing there are experts who are ready to serve with advice or professional consultation, including the technical support.
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