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Sport shoes
Created by: Bharat Rawail
It's a known fact that there is a fierce competition between footwear brands. Companies spend million of dollars on marketing including advertisement deals with sports champions and other big-names. Nike sport shoes sneakers have similar audience as New sneakers balance - mostly young, creative persons that are interested in fashion and comforts. In the wake of companies war, a buyer has an opportunity to cherry-pick from an enormous volume of sneakers from different companies. New Balance sneakers seems to be one of the most popular kicks these days. This company has been producing shoes from the 1906. The interesting fact is that the company's name was coined by its owner when he watched chickens balance supported by three-toed paw. Another curious fact about this brand is that New Balance made Apple's company founder favorite shoes. With regards to pricing New Balance introduced another curious strategy - pricing model based on dividing the shoe number by 10. As a result we could estimate an almost exact retail price - i.e., NB610=61.0$.
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