Polish excavating equipment manufacturers and their threats in confronting their worldwide rivals

Wherever coal, bronze or copper is generated, we can find supplies with the phrase "Made in Poland". Polish mining supplies producers have a reputation all over the world, but that does not Automatically say that the world is open to them.

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Rivalry in this sector is large, and competitors freqUEntly exceed Polish enterprises by size, financing and technical background.

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Over 100 years of experience and leading engineering know-how allowed Polish mining equipment manufacturers to develop high-performance and reliable products, allowing to complete the most complex excavating and energy tasks. In Poland are produced longwall, underground and surface transport systems, open-pit excavating machines as well as equipment for mass transport and bulk goods managing. At present, more than 200 suppliers of machinery, gear and services collaborate with the Polish excavating industry, of which about 40 are manufacturers of specific machinery. The problem on the Polish excavating equipment market is not the absence of orders, but strong rivalry. Finally, there is a lack of government support for financing in the excavating industry and abandoning them in acquiring foreign assignments.

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As reported by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the states with the highest mining capacity are Russia, China and Ukraine. It happens to be in these countries that the major rise in financing is to be expected in terms of incremented profit and efficiency.

In accordance with specialists at the IEA, at least until 2030, coal will be the primary raw resource for electricity generation. With that said, it is definitely worth fighting for.
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