Industry – a area that has been always believed to be fundamental for existence of every single economy globally

Industry is a term that generally people have quite negative associations with. It is connecte with the fact that, first of all, it is connected with being harmful for the environment, as for example diverse mines as well as factories tend to release a variety of gases and other elements that minimize the quality of water and the air.


Autor: Devin Stein
Thus, although in this sphere significantly has improved and more and more corporations introduce diverse options and strategies in order to decrease this influence, still significant percentage of people find this field of economy be something that is perceived negatively.

In order to reconsider this, we ought to ask ourselves regards what the world would look like if there would be no roads, no this kind trustworthy buildings and diverse new technologies. In addition, progress of thetechnology, which is regularly believed to be harmful for Earth, in fact guarantees us hope that in future we would be able to better protect our planet from different problems.

That’s the reason why, if we belong to people criticizing industry and thinking that it is only a source of something harmful, bad and negative, we ought to rethink it and ask ourselves what our life would look like if there would be no automobiles, no motorways, no roads, no electricity etc.

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In this kind situation we can find out that the comfort of life we have at present is mostly available owing to relatively visible impact of the above analyzed topic. On the other side, pointing out its harmful impact on the Earth and environment is also influential.

In the light of the points mentioned above, the most proper attitude concerning industry is to have an appropriate balance between desiring from it to be less harmful for Earth and appreciating how important role it has played for making our life be more comfortable. Its role is pretty visible as owing to it we have been given with many innovations and solutions that support us a lot in fulfilling diverse duties we have every day.