The concerns connected with fast technological advancement and how to mitigate them

In the modern times people often live in an environment full of wide range of gadgets. The inventions that are indeed impressive are being created in front of our eyes.


Autor: Cajsa Lilliehook

Some things become widely fashionable – there are situations that nearly everyone wants to have some particular gadget.
It is difficult to picture the way all those things of everyday use are assembled – which process is put to use where. Nowadays the elaborate products like cars are mounted from parts to the final form in only a few hours. Automation is an important point. Due to it, manufacturing can be realized quickly and more effectively. Some people think about the way it is translated into quality. Most producers care about it and they perform detailed quality approvals on various levels. For specific machines, for instance health service devices, the high quality is a most important specification which determines whether the device can be approved for usage or not. However, the excess of all the items and the fact that we live in a consumption world cause side-production of heaps of trash. The popularity of plastic containers, wrappings and other things contributes to the contamination of the environment. The awareness of this can prevent it and persuade the society to activities like energy-saving or buying more ecological products.
Fortunately, people gradually learn more about the threats for our world.

It raises a hope that our Earth is not so endangered. The technical progress is a truth that cannot be denied, but it should be carried out with the compliance of strict guidelines.