What do we do in the Global Web – methods of communication in the today’s world.

TheWeb is the fastest method of communication in the modern society. This the media that can replace many of our usual actions and things like: money, mobile phone, television, newspapers and many others, but according to the latest statistics 15% of the Internet actions are related with…cats.A great entertainment is very valid for computer users, that’s why serials, games, websides with rumours about famous people and silly photographs are so popular. In the Web we have got a large part of the peoples knowledge, but, unfortunately there is also a space for stupidity. That is the place where we can meet a rich owner of the software house international organisation with whom we can discussed about the lastest applications and also we can meet a frustrated troll, who will be offend us just for his enjoyment. In this way the Web reflect the real world, nevertheless in the Web we are more anonymous than in reality.


Autor: Highways Agency
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Of’ course we can ttrack the IP address of this troll and uncover one, but this action takes much time and we have to inform about it appropriate services like the police. Writing in the Global Web, is comfortable for that sort of computer users, every single time they would be in the a large grou[ of people and have screamed things like that they would be, probably ignored, howeever not in the Global Web. Many people spend a whole day in front of the monitor, because of their job, and when they return to the house they open the computer once more, only now for enjoyment, they send e-mails, play games, watch films, and some of them offend other people in the Internet, however the worst is the fact that they don’t have got any other activity – smt software poland. That isn’t the case who you are or where you work, are the software house international firm owner or a part-time worker, you need to do something in this place in the reality not only in the Web. It is ok to look at silly photographs of sweet kitties in the Web, but it is also important to have interest in health of your own pet.

Spending money, reading, even agriculture (in games) can be replace by a simple substitute in the Internet, however we have to try to equalized our real world and the world from the computer.