Ideas for the short weekend trips

Tons of individuals, when having a free weekend, usually spend it doing nothing interesting. In practice it means that they stay at home and waste great opportunity to try as well as discover something entirely new. If it is a case also with you, this short article will present you with two ideas for destinations that are great for short weekend trips.

To visit the first suggested country, you need to book your flights to Estonia. This country is an amazing mix of modernity with history. Estonia used to belong to the Soviet Union.


Autor: Loris Silvio Zecchinato

Thus, it is possible to still see there tons of old Soviet buildings and remainings. At the same time, this small country is a member of the EU and its economy develops at a extremely fast pace nowadays. In consequence, you can also see plenty of modern buildings and sites (read about travel). This fascinating mix will be great and extremely engaging thing for everybody who loves history. What’s more, the country is famous for its sandy beaches, where you could do many water activities, as for example sailing and windsurfing. Doesn’t this sound good? It surely does! Consequently, you should obviously book your flights to Estonia even today!


Autor: Daniel Jolivet

The second suggested country is Moldova (visit page). These days, there are tons of flights to Moldova.

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Consequently, it will not be a problem to book a suitable connection.

Moreover, this country becomes extremely popular tourist destination. Thanks to that, this is pretty easy to find flights to Moldova for very attractive price. This amazing country will give you opportunity to see as well as experience different contrasts – from expensive nightclubs in Chisinau, to abandoned villages surrounded by gorgeous views.