Manufacture international drugs into Your factory

Our country at the moment is develop and nice state, inhabitants don’t have problem with finding a job, businessmen are opening new companies every year.


Autor: Praktiker
It is all because our membership in Union, because since then Poland was wide open for Western world. These days Polish investors can collaborate with no issue with foreign firms.
Some of the most progressing field is pharmaceutical, if You are part of it in our country, perhaps You consider to sign a deal with foreign investor? Manufacturing in our country is few times less costly then in Germany or England. Our laborers does not gain the same salary and taxes are much smaller. That is why foreign corporations like to create their goods in here, the same is with pharmaceutical firms. Surely before You start to work with them, You need to take part in a contest, and You’ll probably have couple of rivals. The successful will be factory, that offers the lowest prize for similar job. However You don’t need to offer Your factory for free, only to succeed. You may cut a lot of cost on Your laborers. You need to hire job agency, which will find You temporary workers, just required for this task. They don’t need to have experience in manufacturing or pharmaceutical business, they will get trained. With job (see photo credit) agency help, You would be able to lower costs of workers almost in half, cause You do not have to pay some insurance to temporary workers. If You win this competition, probably You would be able to gain a lot more commissions in close future.

Pharmaceutical business is very huge at the moMENt, they are manufacturing millions of drugs every year. You may become part of this process, just begin to collaborate with some big, international corporation.