The most crucial purposes of the pharmaceutical packaging

The most important question for the patient is that the drug packet is explanatory and safe. Therefore, there is a checklist of guidelines that should be met by the producer if it wishes to introduce an innovative medicine on the market.

What is the most crucial part for the producer? Obviously, to create the packaging of the pharmaceutical as interesting as possible for the patient.

Autor: peddhapati
Safety and high quality of tablet packing are two aspects that must be kept in mind by the producer if he wants to win the patient’s confidence. The packaging is supposed to protect against external factors, possibly altering the medicine’s properties (for instance light or high temperature). In addition, it has to defend against mechanical damage and biological contamination. Most importantly, however, it is supposed to assure proper medicine identification. Thus, the packaging must include the name of the regularly applied active substance contained in the given medicinal product. If more than one is used, all must be nominated and a plus sign should be placed between them. The package should also include information on whether the product is intended for infants, children or adults. The method of dosage, the warnings concerning the place and manner of storage, the expiry date, name and address of the manufacturer responsible, the marketing permission number, batch number and instructions for use must also be provided if the medicinal product is sold without a prescription. There are as well specific rules for packaging graphic designs.

Placing signs such as sweets, toys or decorations on them is rigorously forbidden. This could culminate in a customer being confused and treating the medicine as for example food.