In which direction is leading the hotel industry in Poland? An amount words about current situation.

Poland has the smallest in the EU the amount of beds, although the amount of hotels in Poland systematically increased since few years. Constant problem with the national base remains also small occupancy and poor structure.

According to Eurostat, in ]Poland there are 30 rooms on 10 000 visitors. This is considerably less than in Western countries – in Germany, there are 120, and in Greece more than 400. Poland placed the only 33 place in Europe. Quantity of objects is growing, cause the demand for motel services. In the close future the most auspicious in Poland will enjoy funds resorts, that a lot of investors won’t be closed. In the other hand, individual places will increase the gainfulness ratio by offering visitors additional services . The best way of growth will, however, for that resorts to focus on a one group of end-users and marketing to build a network of similar objects. It is very important to not forget about the installation of online booking software.


Autor: Franklin Heijnen

At this point, the significant percentage of travelers uses Internet to makes reservations in resorts. However, last time seen progress. This period ought to be regarded as constant improvement of the hospitality industry, that there has been slower, despite the fact that the great increase in the quality of service connected with an increase in the investment made in it. Users of the hostel market still notice the need for partnership with the state management and local government, public institutions and non-goverments, as well as the support needs of firms and businesses present in the market of motel services and start-ups. For now operating in Poland chain resorts, in the top those from the segment motels two-and three-star, posed for a modification. Additionally to the online booking software, likewise for a plenty other innovations. These are not objects that – like years ago – directly offer to less affluent customers. Today we offer at good prices very decent. Plenty of these firms, such as Ibis, more than a main renovation, and today does not surprise anyone have modern decor, air conditioning, Internet access. Several companies have made a miscellaneous operation . Exchanged in resorts of many network all the beds. By the end of the year on a worldwide scale is to deploy next convenience – numerical system of welcoming visitors.
More about the future of national motels tell us the number of visitors who will be in them relax over the holidays just started.