Developments in the topic of industry that have happened during recent 20 years as an example of the impact of for instance globalization

People, who are now known to be an older generation (aged 50 or higher) often get to know that the world developments very rapidly. It is proved by the fact that, above all, the pace of improvements has developed considerably. Thus, in some cases learning one skill or having a professional commodity may only give us a competitive positive aspect only for short period of time.


Autor: Bryce Miller
That’s the reason why, in order to more appropriately respond to the requirements of the market, we are advised to keep in mind that, firstly, we need to learn all the time and don’t stop improving our knowledge. Due to this kind attitude we are likely to be in significantly better position in terms of seeking new job etc. Changes are inevitable element of existence currently, which we can also discover on the example of industry, a topic where the structure of the employment on the Earth has grown significantly. It is implied by the term of labor costs. It means how much money is paid for one person in a country for one hour of work.

Another crucial fact is connected with demographical tendencies, as also in this field a lot has developed compared with recent decades. Firstly, there are some countries that have more than one milliard of people living between their borders. The most meaningful examples are related to China and Indie, which together have about 1/3 of the globe’s citizens. Hence, the costs of employing a person there compared with Europe is completely much more attractive, which proves that also rising number of mines as well as factories are opened there. This proves that industry sector is no longer as popular it used to be for instance half a century ago.

To sum up, regards Europe, this continent is nowadays discovered to be increasingly more impacted by services, which in almost every country on the continent generates highest percentage of GDP. The importance of industry is currently significantly smaller, which is proved by the tendency that experts in the area of technology live there.