An interesting business in the Republic of Poland – new possibilities, right locations, experienced co-workers

Now there have appeared an interesting business in the Republic of Poland which is strongly developing. It is related with archives. A large number of public and private firms in the country above Vistula river have a lot of documents and no place to storage it.


Autor: Leonora Enking
According to the newest law it is possible to take other firms papers and storage them in own warehouses if they are adequately prepared, consequently not only a private company may use our warehouse space in Poland now we have a possibility to propose this service (see patents) to the public and government organisations and offices. That law state is very good for archives companies and it has extended the group of future clients. Besides that we have got a quite big industrial park in Poland, which means there are many documents to collect. According to the law (see european patent search) in Poland after period of time we may destroy documents, however if we have got documents from a public or government spaces we need to have a consent from the state archives. It is a right decisionto employ an experienced archivist who will supert us in managing with documentation in an appropriate way.

The warehouse space in Poland is large therefore we don’t need to built our own places to storage documnents we can buy or hire them and then accommodate them – more T.EL. Poland Spzoo. However we need to remember that in that case the right place is crucial. Warehouses must be situated in a stabile and non-deluge field with durable transporting tracks (it can be abandoned institution’s buildings, warehouses or whole industrial park in Poland there is a lot of that sort of places). It will be great for companies accommodation, the future clients and naturally for the polish law. We can’t forget about appropriate cars for documents transportation, naturally we can lower the cost for clients who give their documents and provide transportation, but a large number of organisations are used to have got an all-inclusive package of regular services.

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Autor: Daniel Lobo
The archive’s organisation is a great way of earning money. Unfortunately it is not cheap at the in the first few years, however for medium and giant organisations it is a good way of investment.